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Magicae: Power Dawning (Chronicles of an Urban Elemental Book 2)

February 17, 2023

Watch out Montreal. You’re in for a fiery ride.

Life’s pleasures used to be so simple: a fast ride on my motorcycle, a backyard barbeque with my siblings, and taking down criminals to safeguard Montreal’s citizens.

Sadly, those days ended the moment my fiery side emerged.

I’m a fire elemental. Mind blown.

The deadly Poreskoro family wants to feed on my fae essence. Rude.

And if they succeed, they’ll gain the strength to rebuild their army of evil. Terrifying.

Demons, drug lords, and deception I can handle, but when a dark storm of danger falls over my family, things have gone too far.

With evil brewing, enemies running rampant, and fae criminals gunning for me and my family, I widen my stance and get ready for the hits. Who’s manipulating things behind the scenes? Who’s coming after the people I care about? And who the hell is stupid enough to think I’d let it happen?

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