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Arcane Felonies (Boston Magi Chronicles Book 3)

November 29, 2023

1 missing mentor + a whole mess of nightmares + 1 stubborn Magi = Breaking some serious rules.

I’ve only been a Magi for a hot second, and I’ve already had to deal with reality-shredding storms, murderous peers, and power-hungry madmen. Yeah, madmen, plural.

Welcome to my life.

It would be frustrating if not for the rag-tag group of misfits that have become my ride or die: a vampire, a janky-footed crow, and my tall, dark, and handsome Void-born crush.

The good news is… I finally have a lead on where my vanished mentor might’ve been banished to.

The bad news is… getting there might kill me.

With the Harrowing ramping up their game to smother Boston under a shroud of terror, it’s getting harder to keep humanity from slipping back to the bad old days, when we were nothing but prey.

But when they cross the line, all bets are off. I’ll take care of the hungry monsters lurking in the shadows—Even if I have to break all the rules to do it.

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