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Reading Order for Chronicles of an Urban Druid

Chronicles of an Urban Druid

1. A Gilded Cage

2. A Sacred Grove

3. A Family Oath

4. A Witch's Revenge

5. A Broken Vow

6. A Druid Hexed

7. An Immortal's Pain

8. A Shaman's Power

9. A Fated Bond

10. A Dragon's Dare

11. A God's Mistake

12. A Destiny Unlocked

13. A United Front

14. A Culling Tide

15. A Danger Destroyed

Case Files of an Urban Druid

1. Mayhem in Montreal

2. Sorcery in San Francisco

3. Necromancy in New Orleans

4. Hazards in the Hidden City

5. Hexes in Texas

6. Wendigos in Washington

7. Gods at Odds

Chronicles of an Urban Elemental

1. Incendio: Flame Born

2. Magicae: Power Dawning

3. Potentia: Bonds Forged

4. Fidelitas: Trust Realized

5. Intellectus: Origins Discovered

6. Regeneratus: Races Rekindled

Chronicles of a Hidden City

1. Carry On

2. Back in Black

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